The Beauty Mark Diary Entry

A beauty mark or beauty spot is a euphemism for a type of dark facial mole, so named because such birthmarks are sometimes considered an attractive feature.

When you hear the words “beauty mark”, what or who automatically comes to mind? For me, I always think of Cindy Crawford. She was and still is an icon in the modeling world and for me someone I was able to relate with on a mole to mole basis (see what I did there).

Growing up with a beauty mark had its good days and bad days. Middle school and high school were where most of my bad days occurred..which is common for almost everyone with or without a beauty mark. Most of my friends had blemish or mole free faces and I wanted that so bad. One memory that has stuck with me to this day is when I was at the mall either by myself or with friends and was going up the escalator while a few boys around the same age were going down on the other side and said the dreadful words “moley, moley, moley” and laughed looking at me. Thank you, Austin Powers Goldmember (click movie title to watch the moley scene) for making life at that age a bit more difficult for me. I cringed every time that movie came on and tensed up or left the room during the mole scene. This happened on more than one occassion but that one impacted me the most and at the time, those words hurt me. During high school people freaked out about having a pimple on their face and felt that it was the end of the world and everyone would stare at them…TRY HAVING A MOLE ON YOUR FACE that does not go away. I thought a lot about having it removed during this time and would cover it up with makeup to see how I would look without it…but then there were the good days.

I remember being told that I had the “Cindy Crawford mole”,  “It is what makes you, you” or that they wish they had a beauty mark. Those words started to make me feel confident, unique and special in my own way. The good days outweighed the bad days by far and I am so glad they did, because if not, I think I would have had it removed. When I look in the mirror now, I honestly don’t even see it. If anyone has anything negative to say to me about it, I will just assume that are jealous and let it be. It is part of me and always will be. I love my mole! 🙂

Words have a huge impact, can be hurtful, and some times even life changing. I think the most important thing to remember is how YOU FEEL and not listening to others negative feelings or words about you.

Here is a photo of me from a few years ago. Can you “spot” the difference? 🙂

IMG_1660 3      IMG_1660 2











I need to rant a little bit about how words and social media are impacting us today…

Today, we see words both nice and hurtful posted all over social media. We see that these words can alter someones life in a positive or negative way. I was lucky to not have to deal with the evil side of social media while I was in middle and high school. We had instant messaging and myspace, but it never got out of control like it is today. I dealt with it in person and am thankful for that. If the negative words that were said to me were mentioned through a comment on Facebook or Instagram during my high school years, I would have crumbled inside. Sadly, this is all too common or “normal” for younger kids today, even adults. We need to stop pushing each other down and learn to lift each other up and teach our younger generation that words are very impactful.

I will say this again, the most important thing to remember is how YOU FEEL and not listening to others negative feelings or words about you. Keep reminding yourself, this is  your life and do what is best for you.

I apologize if this post was a little long and went from one topic to the other.. but I think it all kind of ties together in the end. If I were writing in a diary, this is what it would look like anyways.. all my thoughts scattered and written on the pages as they come to mind.

If you have a story similar to my beauty mark story, please share it with me! Have a great day and remember that it matters how you feel! 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Beauty Mark Diary Entry”

  1. I love your mole! In the second picture you look “naked.” I’m
    Glad you never got rid of it! I have dealt with my fair share of rude comments because of my height and color of skin but I have learned to embrace it. It is what makes me, me! I tell my middle school students when someone makes fun of you because of your looks it’s often because they are uncomfortable in their own skin.

  2. Even pretty girls get made fun of in school? I Honestly didnt know that…I am sorryfor that… I know that pain. You have a decency about you that makes you beautiful…beauty mark or not.

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