Oh sh*t, I started a blog.. now what??

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit” -Vincent Lombardi┬á

The thought of already wanting to give up on this blogging thing has crossed my mind and it hasn’t even been a week :/

I hate to admit it, but I have been living my life as a quitter. I can think of multiple things I have given up on throughout my life that had meaning to me but I just let it go or pushed it aside hoping that regret wouldn’t creep back into my mind later on.

Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. I regret not speaking up for myself more in relationships with my friends and boyfriends (why do the good come backs to arguments and what not ONLY come up while you are in the shower or trying to sleep!). I regret not following through on plans that I had made then at the last minute cancelled. I regret not pushing myself to get to know people more. I regret losing touch with friends that were once my best friends. I still regret that I quit playing soccer in high school! At the time it was a great fucking reason to quit, but if I would have known that it would still bother me over 10 years later, I would have kept playing and sucked it up. The regret of going to that Twilight movie by myself and excitedly waiting outside the theater with the tweens and twilight moms… just kidding, that was awesome ­čśë

My regrets could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Some of these examples have other underlying issues (depression, anxiety) to why I backed out last minute or gave up.  Sometimes, my RBF is really a depressed face. I will save that topic for another day.

Now what? What steps can I take to break this habit? 

Creating this blog has been something that I have wanted to do for awhile, but I kept putting it off and telling myself that I am too busy, stressed out and I am just going to make a fool out of myself or quit the moment someone says something negative to me.

Not only was my husband a huge help to get me started, but the thought of me continuing my life as a quitter and beating myself up with regrets sounded miserable. I need to suck it up and just do what makes me happy. Negative comments are bound to happen, and I am blood thirsty for those comments rather than the negative voice in my own head telling me to quit. (I love vampires, if you haven’t noticed already).

Here are some steps that I have been taking or plan on taking (yes, I will):

  • Stop complaining about how I will fit this into my day working full time, being a mom to my baby human, two dogs, a cat and my optimistic husband who see’s a bright future for me as long as I stop complaining.
  • Writing down almost everything that comes to mind because it might be a blog post winner!
  • Researching other blog websites and posts
  • Pinterest has been pretty helpful when I feel like I am at a road block
  • Decrease my Netflix and Hulu time
  • Coffee or anything with caffeine to keep me going
  • A sense of humor. I take so many other things in life so seriously. While this blog means a lot to me.. it also means more to me to make people smile and help in anyway I can.
  • Reminding myself that I can and will do this by taking it one day at a time and not giving up.


What steps or advice do you use that help you stay away from the “Q” word? How is it working for you today? I would love to hear about your steps or advice! Comment or send me a message ­čÖé

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2 thoughts on “Oh sh*t, I started a blog.. now what??”

  1. Hmm.. You have brought up a rather good question. The “Q” word seems to come up daily for me. I want to quit eating chocolate, or quit drinking “fluffy” coffee. However, those are pretty irrelevant and are both needed for me in order not to quit or better give up on other things; such as my students. I do not nor would never quit my job but there are times when I feel as though I need to give up or “Q” on trying to help a student. Then, I think back to my childhood and my years in school and remember all of those people who gave up on me. I recall the feelings and choices I made and I never want a kid to feel like I did. So, I don’t quit. I remind myself that I am what they need and that I have a purpose. Education is not just about teaching. It is about building and creating the future. It is about believing in others and what they can accomplish. It is about finding the small things and making them BIG things. I do not quit because I see the glass half full of lemonade:)

  2. I dont take this lightly but why waste time when something doesnt feel right? Is it quitting when it is hurts our happiness? If its difficult by all means work at it, give it your best shot as long as it challenges you to grow. No longer happy? no longer challenged? then consider your options and by all means quit and move forward …why feel ashamed? Life has infinte roads to go down! Of course its not easy to quit and move down the new road we have obligations and responsibilities but when its right we just know and the universe unfolds in front of us…
    my thoughts on moving forward…

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