ADVICE WANTED! Packing and Flying with a toddler

Hi everyone!

We will be going on a trip to Arizona this week with the family for 4 days. The weather is going to be HOT compared to what we have here in Bend right now. I started packing for my son, Porter (almost 16 months old) and think I did a decent job compared to the last time we went to Arizona. This time, I packed the following for him:

  • 5 shirts (t-shirt and tank top)
  • 4 pants (3 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of sweats for the plane)
  • 2 swim outfits and a hat
  • A floaty for the pool
  • socks for the plane
  • 2 packs of diapers (one pack is swim diapers)
  • Diaper rash cream, lotion, tooth paste, tooth brush, wash cloths, body/hair shampoo
  • 2 small books
  • 2 bottles and a sippy cup
  • apple sauce, crackers… might pack more snacks
  • medicine

What advice or tips do you have when packing/flying with a toddler? Did I pack too much or too little? We will be making one stop both to and from Arizona, so 4 planes total. What are some essentials that I need for the plane? Please leave a reply below.

We leave Wednesday night.. so hopefully I can get some feedback from you 🙂 Thanks!






4 thoughts on “ADVICE WANTED! Packing and Flying with a toddler”

  1. Plastic bags for wet diapers and yucky stuff, blanket for the airport floor if you have a layover and he wants to play on the floor, you can always buy diapers when you get there and just pack a few for travel, hand sanitizer or wipes for the plane, something for him to watch movies or play games if he’s not sleeping, I’m sure you packed shoes but just didn’t list them 😉 that’s all I got for now! Maybe a baby carrier, if you want to walk around the airport.

  2. Shoes, sandals and sneakers
    Sun screen
    Toys for the plane like puzzles, little people, something that will keep him m busy and thinking.
    Lots of snacks for the plane ride. When we traveled with Cash to NY my bag was full of different snacks.
    Definitely a blanket for the airplane and airport.

  3. Good job, mama. Sunscreen? My kids would get ear infections from the changes in pressure on the plane. I still do. Ear Planes are great for that…available at drug stores, and be sure to have him sucking in a bottle during pressure changes (take off and landing.)

    Have a great trip!

  4. Hats would help keep the sun off his face and head! I like bucket hats for littles, helps protect their neck from that sun and heat. Sun screen also! I’m sure that’s also on your list! For landings and take offs a bink ( pacifier) helps with their ears popping. Headphones also seem to help with that if he is watching showings on an iPad or phone yet. Hope this helped a little! Have fun on your trip!

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